First Snow of 2010

I love snowy days.

Don’t tell my wife this but I actually don’t mind Michael Buble’ Christmas Album on snowy days.

Anyway, this is the first snow day of 2010 and we got some sledding in.  The kids are finally old enough to both enjoy sledding.  I’ve been mowing our side yard (which is basically all hill) for years in the hopes that some day my kids would be able to sled on it.  And it’s finally paid off.

The Power of Stories

One of the best parts of my job is talking to people who are new to faith.  Over and over again, the same thing that people say moved them closer to Jesus was when someone shared their story with them. That could be sharing a faith story during a Sunday morning gathering, or it could be shared over a cup of coffee between two friends.

You don’t have to be a trained professional to tell you story.  You don’t have to be a Bible Scholar.  You have to simply trust that God is up to something good, and everytime you share your story you get to be a part of his redemptive work in the world.

I just spoke with two people who felt God talking directly through them on Sunday through somebody sharing their faith story.  This person was nervous, but they trusted that God was going to do something.  And God did.  God is up to something good, and we get to be a part of it.  And the easiest way to participate in God’s work is by sharing the story of how he has changed our lives.

So . . .

Do you know your story?

Who are you sharing your story with?

Creekside we have a couple of powerful stories that will be shared over the next few week.  Check us out at

Calibrate NW session 8 – Mark Driscoll

Fans and foes
     Fans idolize you
     Foes demonize you

When it comes to worship we have 2 options
1 – the creator
2 – the creation

Interesting stuff with dr. Drew and the mirror effect.

Celebrities model and people mirror. The celebrity culture makes people famous for no reason. The celebrity culture the goal is just to be famous. 

6 kinds of foes
1. Theological Critic
Accept that there will be conflict with them and just come to deal with it.  2. Success Jealousy Critics
Jealousy is just another word for pride. The answer is to serve them, become their ally, it can help change their heart.
3.  Misinformed foes
Inform them!  Clarify. The ear is a lot more forgiving than They eye
4. Personal Dislike
Ignore them because they can’t differentiate between style and sin
5.  Legit critics
6. Those who take offense on behalf of other people
Rebuke them. Those who are meddling and busybody are not helping they are causing more trouble

How to respond
1.  Practice selective hearing
2. Don’t let anger drive you to sin
3.  Turn your critics into coaches 
4.  Don’t respond on their terms
5.  Patiently await vindication
6.  Watch out for the fear of men – the fear of men is the idolizing of someone else’s opinion.  

You can’t need people and love people at the same time. 
God did not make us because he needed us he made us because he wanted us. 

What to do with this stuff?
1.  Talk a lot about Jesus
2.  Talk a lot about your sin and your struggles
3.  Work with conviction instead of guilt – guilt comes from people.  If guilty people get to play you your life is going to be craptastic
4.  Don’t get sucked into the best or the worst
5.  Don’t worship the people who idolize and demonize you
6.  Get your spirit filled time with Jesus

Calibrate NW session 7 – Judah Smith

Pastor at City Church in Kirkland, WA

Talking about Honor 
Matthew 20:20

If you want to talk about honor you have to start with humility

You can do all kinds of things that are nice to the past generation, but still not honor them.  Honor comes from the heart.

Jesus connects greatness to being a slave.  If you want to be first you need to think about yourself last.

When you are given a platform think first about how you can use that serve others.

We are all in ministry based on someone else’s equity.  We did not get here on our own.  How are we honoring those who brought us here.  

Honor begins with an honest assessment of yourself and on who’s platform you stand.  

We can’t all be Pauls we need people to be Apollos as well. Paul built and Apollos built it up.

Honor is adding value to others. 

A prideful man cannot honor he can only flatter

The reason some of us have a deficient view of who we are is because we don’t have a biblical view of who Jesus is.

Christians are always responders to the grace of God.  We cannot initiate it, we can only respond to it. 


Calibrate NW session 6 – Rich Stearns

CEO of World Vision
Author of The Whole In Our Gospel

We’ve drifted away from being fishers of men to being keepers of the aquarium – Paul Harvey

It may nite be our fault that 24,000 children die every day, but it is our moral responsibility to do something about it.

We are God’s plan to change the world.
But we have to be willing, available, and willing to pay the price to be used by God.  

Luke 4 Jesus in the synagogue laid out his mission connected proclamation and justice!  Have we been that good news for the poor?

Revolutions challenge the powers from within

We can’t just proclaim the good news we have to be the good news

The gospel is not a private transaction between God and me.

We are not saved by works, but we are saved for works

Revolutions start with small people who use their outrage to motivate change.