Assurance vs. Certainty

I had a fun twitter debate (tweebate?) with my ol’ college pal Matt (@ireadtheology). I posted this: “There is a difference between assurance and certainty. Assurance requires faith. Certainty does not.” This verse is part of what inspired the above statement: Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what weContinue reading “Assurance vs. Certainty”

Thoughts On Vision Prayer

Thanks to everyone who came out to vision prayer last night.  Such an encouraging time of community prayer and worship. Events like vision prayer are where the church gets to be the Family of Christ.  Sunday gatherings are designed for guest.  It’s like inviting the neighbors over for the party.  Vision Prayer is where weContinue reading “Thoughts On Vision Prayer”

Giving and Receiving / Closed Hand or Open Hand?

I had a conversation the other day that troubled me.  It forced me to check my priorities.  It comes down to giving and receiving. I have to thank Mark Driscoll for giving me this image of Closed and Open Handed In life we can be a closed handed or open handed. I think the tendencyContinue reading “Giving and Receiving / Closed Hand or Open Hand?”

Brussels Sprouts and Jesus

I had a recent conversation about sharing the good news with people who are not Christians.  Just that term, sharing the good news is problematic.  It has so much baggage associated with it.  So do evangelism, witnessing, etc.  When we use terms like this we bring our baggage into talking about Jesus into these conversations.Continue reading “Brussels Sprouts and Jesus”

Research, Writing And Conversation Partners

I write this as I am sitting in a Barnes & Noble Cafe.  I’ve spent the last two hours reading a book called Holy Laughter.  It’s a collection of essays edited by M. Conrad Hyers.  There are several thought provoking chapters in this text, and I’m glad I found it.  Over the past few monthsContinue reading “Research, Writing And Conversation Partners”

Super Heroes in Seattle

As somebody who grew up reading comic books and still enjoys a good graphic novel today.  I remember asking myself as a young man, what would it take to actually become a crime fighting vigilante.  I realized early on (around 4th grade baseball when I really sucked and didn’t get a hit all season) thatContinue reading “Super Heroes in Seattle”

Getting Over Myself, or, Let Jesus Do His Work

I recently came across a website for a ministry that my gut reaction to was, “Really?!” It had something to do with men beating each other up in tight shorts and Ed Hardee style clothes.  I’ll be the first to admit, I really don’t get the appeal of UFC or MMA or any of thoseContinue reading “Getting Over Myself, or, Let Jesus Do His Work”

God Is Near: Some things I’ve been reading

From Henri Nouwen, The Living Reminder: Service and Prayer in Memory of Jesus Christ We have inherited a story which needs to be told in such a way that the many painful wounds about which we hear day after day can be liberated from their isolation and be revealed as part of God’s relationship withContinue reading “God Is Near: Some things I’ve been reading”