Slow Down

Seriously, unless you are driving an ambulance going as fast as you can will only burn you out.  Can you slow down long enough to recharge go after the project you are working after backing off for a bit?  Don’t burn yourself out for your passion.  We have to work in our passion in a way that is sustainable for the long haul.


Slow Down for a second and reflect on what you are up to.

Slow Down and reflect about what God is up to.

Slow Down and assess the state of the people on the journey with you.

Slow Down.

Fear God, not the world

I received Church Dogmatics for Christmas, and when I have a few moments I like to read a bit.  Also, I can only digest a little bit at a time.  Today I read this and I was encouraged and challenged.

The Church should fear God and not fear the world.  But only if an as it fears God need it cease to fear the world.  If it does not fear God, then it is not helped at all but genuinely endangered if it fears the world, listens to its opposition, considers its attitude, and accepts all kinds of responsibilities towards it, no matter how necessary and justified may be the criticism it receives from this quarter.

The Church’s biggest responsibility is to Fear God with awe and reverence, and not to fear the world.  Fear of the world is what drives the church away from the Gospel.  But if the church rightly fears God, then the Gospel work will continue.