Modern Proverbs

We’re in the middle of a sermon series at Creekside called the Wise Path.  We are examining different topic in the book of proverbs.  Part of this sermon series was creating a series of shorts called Modern Proverbs.

This were a lot of fun to help create and if you are a Creekside member and wondering where you can find them they are available on our website here.

You can also find them on

But here are all the videos we’ve used so far:

Wisdom and Fear of the LORD

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Creation and Wisdom

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Wisdom Heals

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Wicked Women

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Avoid Wicked Men

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The Sluggard

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This is a great 5 minute presentation of the Gospel.  Creatively presented and compelling.

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The Gospel should always be compelling.  Unfortunately we spend so much time in the minutae that I think we lose sight of what the Gospel is really all about.  We debate over atonement theories, and soteriology, almost like we need to tell God how to do his job, because it’s really important to Him that we understand all that he does.

It is important to study theology.  It is important to know what we believe and why.  But we should never lose sight of these truths:

  • The Gospel is the greatest story that was ever told.
  • God’s love is really big
  • We are the problem with this world
  • God provided the solution through Jesus’ Cross and Resurrection

Do we really need to know how it all works?  Do we really need to foot note those truths that we find in the Bible with the words of theologians who lived thousands of years after the event?

Whenever I read the Gospel accounts I find that Jesus is way more compelling than our Theology or Christology or Soteriology makes him out to be.

So in all the debates about salvation that are going around the internet and in churches, let us not lose sight that the Gospel is an amazing story of God’s love for us.  And let us not lose sight of the fact that we need to tell people about Jesus.  And let us not lose sight that we are to continue the work that Jesus started, through the power of the Holy Spirit!

We have a mission before us.  Stop fighting, and tell the good news.  Our hope should be that all will accept God’s story of rescuing his people! That should be our motivation.  Our motivation should not be that our side is right and their side is wrong.  Stop!  Tell the Gospel story.

I should stop before I get angry.

(thanks to Josh Hebert for the heads up on this video)

Groups Coach

Yesterday I talked about the importance of starting and maintaining the projects that you know you can pour yourself into.

One of the projects that I have started and I want to make sure that I can keep focused on and maintain a strong level of commitment to is Groups Coach

Groups Coach is a training initiative for our Groups Ministry at Creekside Church.  The goal is to produce a weekly 10 minute podcast that our leaders can listen to for quick training sessions.  The beauty of the podcast is that it’s available when the leaders are available instead of trying to work everybody’s schedule into a meeting.  There will still be needs for meetings of course, but this way training will be in small doses instead of trying to drink from the fire hose.

Out of this there is also a blog project to post groups and community related articles and ideas.

And this is a resource that I want to give away for free.

So if there are any folks out there who need resources for training group leaders, then please check out Groups Coach, and please tell your friends, colleagues pets etc know about it as well.

The Groups Coach Blog

Groups Coach Twitter:

email ideas for groups coach to


Starting is both the easy part of an idea and the hardest part.

Starting is easy because if you start an idea it’s just one step in the process, you can cross it off your to-do list, you can move on.

Starting is the hardest part because if it’s a truly worthwhile idea then you must be able to sustain the idea.

Starting writing a book

Starting a new project at work

Starting a new bible reading plan

Starting a health initiative

Starting a new friendship

Starting a new business partnership

All of these things are fairly easy to start, but the real pay off on these worthwhile ideas is way past the starting point.  The payoff is when you’ve maintained that same energy and focus that you needed to start the idea 6 months down the line, when the book is finished, when your friendship has lasted 16 years, when you’re about to reach your health goals.

Starting then becomes the easiest part.

So of all the ideas that you have, all the projects you’d like to start, what are the things that you know that you can maintain.  Go after those with everything you have.