From Abraham Heschel’s The Prophets:

Conventional seeing, operating as it does with patterns and coherences, is a way of seeing the present in the past tense.  Insight is an attempt to think in the present.

Insight is a breakthrough, requiring much intellectual dismantling and dislocation.  It begins with a mental interim, with the cultivation of a feeling for the unfamiliar, unparalleled, incredible.  It is in being involved with a phenomenon, being intimately engaged to it, courting it, as it were, that after much perplexity and embarrassment we come upon insight—upon a way of seeing the phenomenon from within.  Insight is accompanied by a sense of surprise.” (x)

Two questions:

1. Are you seeing in the past tense or are you trying to see in the present tense?

2.  What insight have you been surprised by recently?