Obvious to you. Amazing to others

First saw this video @loswhit’s blog here: http://www.ragamuffinsoul.com/2011/06/obvious/ I thought I would share it to I love to play with ideas, and I am also my worst critic on my ideas. There are a lot of things in my brain that I just dismiss as simple or boring or obvious. What about you? What ideasContinue reading “Obvious to you. Amazing to others”

Super Secret Base

Hey everybody! Jeremy, Mike and myself have started a podcast.  It’s called Super Secret Base.  Right now you can access it at supersecretbase.com, and as soon as it’s available on iTunes I’ll let you know.  But go check it out, download it, listen to it, and give us feedback: info@supersecretbase.com. It’s super rad! //update –Continue reading “Super Secret Base”

On Preaching pt.1 – Not An Expert

[i’m going to try to do a writing series.  this is something i haven’t done before, but this is the first part of a series On Preaching]   On Preaching pt.1  Not an Expert I will be the first to say that I am no expert on preaching.  To which you might say, then whyContinue reading “On Preaching pt.1 – Not An Expert”

If you are starting a Grad Progam

I’m nearing completion of my grad program.  1 Class and my Thesis are all that stands in my way.  If you are starting a program, I would like to give you some advice that I wish someone would have given to me.  Or maybe I should have asked for advice and listened to people. First,Continue reading “If you are starting a Grad Progam”

Cracks in the Asphalt

Today I was driving into the office and I noticed some cracks in the the asphalt.  It looked like the city had come through and put tar (or whatever that stuff is) in the cracks to try to seal them back up.  But somehow, through the tar, there was still some patches of green grassContinue reading “Cracks in the Asphalt”