courtesy www.glbbc.orgWe are getting ready to do a baptism celebration this Sunday.  We are combining all of our gatherings into one 10 am gathering.  We are going to celebrate the work that God is doing in drawing people into his grace, that is made available through Jesus’s death and resurrection.  We will hear the gospel story told over and over and over again.  And we will truly celebrate the things that God has done together in community.  It’s going to be an awesome day at Creekside.

Super Secret Base

Hey everybody!

Jeremy, Mike and myself have started a podcast.  It’s called Super Secret Base.  Right now you can access it at, and as soon as it’s available on iTunes I’ll let you know.  But go check it out, download it, listen to it, and give us feedback:

It’s super rad!

//update – the podcast is now available on iTunes:

I’d Rather

“If there were no hereafter, I would still prefer to be a Christian, and the humblest Christian minister, to being a king or an emperor, for I am persuaded there are more delights in Christ, yea, more joy in one glimpse of His face than is to be found in all the praises of this harlot-world, and in all the delights which it can yield to us in its sunniest and brightest days. And I am persuaded that what He has been till now, He will be to the end; and where He hath begun a good work, He will carry it on.”

From Spurgeon’s autobiography pg.114-115.

On Preaching pt.1 – Not An Expert

[i’m going to try to do a writing series.  this is something i haven’t done before, but this is the first part of a series On Preaching]


On Preaching pt.1

 Not an Expert

I will be the first to say that I am no expert on preaching.  To which you might say, then why am I reading this?  That is a great question.  And I will answer it with another question, who truly is an expert on preaching?  And here’s another question for preachers, are you an expert on everything you talk about on a Sunday morning?


You are not an expert on everything that you talk about in your sermon.

You are not an expert on

. . . parenting

. . . marriage

. . . money

. . . sex

. . . theology

. . . ____________

The challenge with being a preacher is that we get up on the platform every week and we are expected to be the expert on whatever we are talking about.  For the most part that expectation is our own fault.  We want to do come across as smart, educated and prepared on whatever topic we have to work through.

But how can we possible be experts on so many things?  Honestly?  How can we be experts on so many different topics?

This is a typical schedule for most preachers.

Sunday – Preach a sermon (one, two, three, even four times)

Monday – Recover from Sunday and get read for next weeks sermon

Meet with three staff members

Evening – Pre-marriage counseling

Tuesday – Morning – Staff meeting 9-11 (could go longer than that)

Afternoon – Work on sermon research and writing

Wednesday – Morning meet with missionary

Lunch Meet with some small group leaders

Afternoon – Meet with creative team.

Thursday – Morning – Prepreach sermon notes

before lunch – revise notes.  Go over them again

Afternoon – meet with a couple whose marriage is falling apart

Friday – Sabbath – Don’t work (Funerals and Weddings still happen on these days)

Saturday – See Friday (days off are good)

That’s a typical week.  That’s generous for amount of time that could actually be set aside for most pastors and their sermon preparation.

So let’s be honest preachers, we are not experts.  I am not an expert on preaching, and neither are you.  At best we are all on various stages of studentship when it comes to preaching.  We are all learning along the way.  Are we okay with that?  Are we okay with being honest with ourselves to say that we are learning as we go?  Are we okay with saying, that not every sermon is going to be the best sermon that we ever preached?  Are we okay with getting in front of our congregation and saying, you know what, I’m not an expert at this topic for this sunday, but here is what the Bible says, and here is how I read this and these are some applications that I think God wants me to say to you.

Are we okay with that?  Are we okay with not being experts?