Superabounding Grace

I’m preparing for a sermon this Sunday.  We are talking about Romans 5:12-21.  This text has a lot of really big ideas that Paul wrestles with, like original sin, justification, the purpose of the law.  It’s a big one.  

I was reading in Douglas Moo’s Romans Commentary in the NICNT and came across this passage that I wanted to share.  He is addressing specifically Paul’s statement in 5:20, “The law was added so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more . . .”  The idea being that the Law as was given to Moses made sin obvious to all who read the Law.  I love Moo’s explanation:

“Paul has emphasized throughout this paragraph, God’s grace is more than sufficient to overcome the increase in the power and seriousness of sin brought by the law. For in that very place where sin “increased,” grace ‘super-increased.” Paul’s purview is salvation history, considered in its broadest dimensions, and his point is simply that the law’s negative purpose in radicalizing the power of sin has been more than fully met by the provisions of God’s grace. However deep in the power of sin Israel may have sunk, God’s grace was deeper yet. How many times, after reminding Israel of her blatant, repeated sin, do the prophets yet proclaim the willingness of God to forgive; indeed, his settled purpose to bless his people, in spite of themselves. In Christ, of course, we find the fulfillment of the promise of God’s “superabounding” grace.” (Moo, NICNT 348-349)

I love the idea of grace super-increasing.  Through the work of Jesus on the Cross, his grace is maginified and amplified in the midst of all of our depravity.  “Superabounding” grace is a wonderful thing and it’s available to all who put their faith in Christ.  It’s available to all of us, we just need to receive it.  

Superabounding Grace!  

Love it.

New Life

This is from Karl Barth’s Commentary on Romans

“There can be no return movement from the righteousness of Christ to the fall of Adam.  The life which springs from death is wholly pre-eminent over the life which engenders death and is enclosed by it.  There is a death which is the death of death: and this is the theme of the Gospel.  The Gospel is the power of God, the power of the Resurrection; it is the ‘miraculous warfare’ (Luther), the paradox; it is faith, as the primal and creative factor.  The Gospel is our life; and yet is is not ‘our’ life.  Where faith and the power of God are, men are what they are not.  They stand as new men on the threshold of a new world, the world of life.”


Roatan 2012

What a great trip.  Two successful home builds. Team members got along great.  New friendships were created.  People began to dream about how they can make a difference in many different ways.  We got to work along side two amazing families as we built their houses together. 


We do short term trips like this knowing that we won’t solve all the worlds problems but we can help a few people.  And when we focus on what we can do instead of what we can’t do, we’re amazed by what God can do with what we offer. 

Here’s a quick video I made to show you what we did.

#StopKONY2012 Use your voice to save lives

2012 Is an Amazing Year

Today more than ever.  1 person’s voice can make a difference.  It’s pretty amazing what social media has done to make a difference in the world.  Whether it’s the Arab Spring or live tweeting the Oscars, people are paying attention to what other “normal” people are saying.

I first heard about the efforts of Invisible Children a few years ago through the Relevant Podcast and Magazine.  This amazing movement to stop the kidnapping and enslavement of children soldiers in the LRA was started by a few friends.  They saw the injustice and the suffering and decided to do everything they could to stop it.

Watch this video it is (definitely worth your time):

go to to add yourself to this movement.

Can you use your voice to make a difference?  Can you use your Voice to change the world?  Can you use your voice to save a life?

When I was in high school I watched the film the power of one.  It was about a young man’s battle against apartheid.  The quote that resonated with me was “A Waterfall starts with a single drop, and look what happens from there.”