Better Together

There are some things that are great on their own.  Peanut Butter for instance.  It’s amazing.  But then Mister Reese came a long and said, “you know what this could use?  A delicious coat of chocolate.” And with that the first recipient of the Nobel Peace prize was . . . what?  Oh I guessContinue reading “Better Together”


The past few weeks have been fairly tense in my world.  We’ve recently had to let one of our team members at Creekside go.  Not fun.  There are a lot of emotions around this whole event.  And I’m not really a big fan of emotions other than happy.  I’m like a dog that way.  HappyContinue reading “Tension”


I’ve been reading Texts Under Negotiation: The Bible and Postmodern Imagination by Walter Brueggemann.  It’s a small book that has been really moving me. This is something that he said about hope: “Hope, the conviction that God will bring things to full, glorious completion, is no and explanation of anything.  Indeed, biblical hope most often hasContinue reading “HOPE”