Short Work Weeks make for Long Work Days

I love a three day weekend as much as the next guy. But man, the day after the three day weekend is crazy busy.

I love my job but it’s never done. No one else is going to do that research, right that sermon, call those people, lead those meetings. So all the stuff that I needed to do on Monday got crammed into today’s stuff. Crazy busy. But we’ll make it.

Just a crazy busy day.

New Journey

Well today is the first day of the rest of my life.  That expression really doesn’t mean anything usually but today is the first day in a 100 day journey with Creekside Church.  Our lead pastor, Don,  is now officially on Sabbatical.  Which is rad for him.  I’m glad that Creekside is at a place in our history where Don can withdraw.  He is going to rest, recharge and renew the vision that God has placed in his heart for Creekside Church.

We are on the verge of a very exciting time at Creekside.  Can’t wait.

Between now and Labor day I will be leading the staff, the elders and deacons, and doing the bulk of the preaching.  We just hired a new Youth Pastor, and we are preparing to bring on a New Worship Pastor, the adoption of the Rock Church which will become Creekside Lynnwood, etc.  There are all kinds of amazing things that are going to be happening over the Summer and if you are a part of Creekside Church you don’t want to miss all that’s going to happen over the summer.  This summer is going to be a time of preparation for us all.

Let’s get ready for the exciting Journey that God is leading us on.

Better Together

Last night Creekside Church and the Rock Church celebrated our pending adoption.  God has laid on our hearts the desire to see our mission of helping people discover, trust and love Jesus Christ grow.  We want to see many people in many communities find the grace, love, joy, peace and community that the Gospel provides.

Creekside Church could have just decided to grow by growing bigger and bigger buildings.  That could totally work.  But that’s expensive, takes a lot longer, and centralizes the mission of the gospel in one place.

God has been working on giving us a different vision for how to move the Gospel forward.  Creekside Church is not a huge church, we’ve been consistently growing, we’ve been becoming more healthy as an organization, and we have become more dedicated to our mission.

So we are going multi-site, and we are starting by adopting the Rock Church in Lynnwood.  The Rock Church will become Creekside Lynnwood.  Their pastor Scott Fenton will become a campus pastor of Creekside.  We will share the same mission, purposes, core values, etc.  Scott will preach live at Creekside Lynnwood, Don will preach live at Creekside MLT.

Last night’s celebration was a wonderful time of worship, communion and vision casting as we began to lay out the plans that we currently have for this transition and the public launch on September 16.  This seems like it’s a long way away but there are a lot of details that we have to work through in the transition.  We want to do as much as possible as smoothly as possible so we don’t want to rush into anything.

The founding pastor of the Rock Church, Scott Harris, led us in a kind of adoption ceremony.  It was great to see the founder of the Rock church honor Scott Fenton and celebrate this journey.  The Harrises are currently working through the adoption process as a family and the words that he keeps hearing from others is, “Adoption will change your life.”  Creekside MLT, our lives will be changed.  Creekside Lynnwood, our lives will be changed, and our prayer is that through this adoption that we will continue to see the Family of God grow in both communities.

We are better together than apart.  Looking forward to a pretty exciting at both Creekside Campuses and beyond.