Thoughts on Prometheus

I saw Prometheus on Tuesday.  The motivation for the protagonist in the film is to discover where humanity came from.  This search leads them to an earthlike planet, where things then go horribly, horribly wrong.  The acting was fine, the special effects were amazing, the premise was interesting.  Prometheus is one more story that triesContinue reading “Thoughts on Prometheus”

God is a Giver

Yesterday at Creekside we worked through Romans 11.1-12.  This is a short text but there is a lot going in there.  I loved going through the story of Elijah and the duel with the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. The text really came together though when in Pre-Preach Kate and I were talking aboutContinue reading “God is a Giver”

Sports Night, Doctor Who, Life. Oh The Joys of Netflix Streaming

I love Netflix Streaming.  I know they don’t have a ton of great current movies on there but they have a treasure trove of great television shows. It was through Netflix that I discovered the awesomeness that is Doctor Who.  It was through Netflix that my wife and I got all caught up on FridayContinue reading “Sports Night, Doctor Who, Life. Oh The Joys of Netflix Streaming”