It seems to me that whenever the seasons change there is an incredible increase in my busy-ness.  Something about the transition from Summer to Autumn, Autumn to Winter, and so on ramps up the activity around churches.  In the middle of the busy-ness of it all it is very easy to get overwhelmed with all the stuff that I have to do, and it becomes increasingly difficult to enjoy the down time.  

I have to remember that down time is something that God actually mandated for his people.  The Sabbath is one of the most loving things that God could possible give.  Knowing that our desire as humans is for more, bigger, faster.  God knows that  we reason with ourselves that if I could just get one more day to work on this project, I get to more, bigger, faster sooner, God said you’ve got to take a day off.  Because more, bigger, faster doesn’t matter as much as the state of your soul.  And the Sabbath is about rest, reflection and worship.  It’s not about you at all. 

You’ve got 6 days to focus on your physical needs, and God wants you (me) to take one day to focus on my spiritual health.  It’s a great trade, and in the seasons of busyness, I have to fight to ensure that I am receiving God’s gift of Sabbath. 

It’s a good gift. 


What is the center of the church?

If it’s the sermon, that’s wrong.
If it’s the music style that’s off.
If it’s the groups system that’s a great thing but it can’t be the center.

There are a lot if things that fight to be the center of your church. And often they seem like they would be good candidates. But the only center that will truly hold is Jesus. The goal of every church should be to get people to Jesus.

That’s really how we should evaluate everything we do. Will this (insert ministry, project, goal, event) bring people closer to Jesus?

Everything else becomes secondary. Jesus must be primary. Jesus must be the center.