Nothing To Say

It’s June 20th, and I haven’t written anything here in nearly 6 months.

It’s not that I haven’t had thoughts and things haven’t been going on.  I just have not had time, or energy, to formulate those ideas.

This is very frustrating.

Even more frustrating is when I think about the time that I have been given by Creekside to think, reflect, refresh, and write.

It is frustrating for someone who writes sermons and presents sermons fairly frequently to not have anything to say outside of that venue.  I’m recognizing that I also have not had much to say at home, with friends, or otherwise.  I’ve been content to sit and think in silence.  I’ve been happy to listen.  But I’ve really had nothing to say.

Or have I been so mentally tired that I have not had energy to say anything?

Whatever the case of what has been, I also feel guilty for not saying anything.  I am feeling a stirring to write again.  But if I don’t I know that it’s ok to have nothing to say.