Saturday Stuff CWACOM2, Vision Day, Turnaround Pastor

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 is a great movie.

I love these rainy fall days when we can go catch a movie as a family. Now that Kathy works fewer Fridays she gets to come too! All wins.

I went in to CWACOM2 with no expectations and they were greatly exceeded. The last matinee that I went to with no expectations was Arthur Christmas and that was a really fun family movie too. Probably top 5 in my favorite Christmas movies.

Tomorrow is Vision Day for Creekside! What a big day as we gather our services together at the Lynnwood convention center to celebrate what Jesus has done this past year and look at what he’s leading us to do in 2014. Awesome! If you are part of Creekside I hope you can join us.

Also my Father-in-law’s book comes out tomorrow. We are having a book launch party after vision day at Creekside.

So much fun tomorrow at Creekside.

Music & Discovery

I used to really love music. 

I used to pay attention to release schedules. 

I used to buy new albums all the time.  

I still love music but I just don’t have time to pay attention to release schedules and I don’t have the disposable income to buy new music all the time. 

With the recent release of iTunes Radio I’m realizing that there are tons of bands that I’ve never heard of.  And many of them are amazing.  I’m remembering how great it feels to discover new music.

New music reminds me of a vacation that Kathy and I took before we had kids.  We flew to San Francisco, and drove down Highway 1 to Los Angeles.  It was one of the best vacations that we’ve ever been on and we still talk about that drive.  We purchased two CDs in a Monterey Target store.  The best was Jamie Cullum’s Twentysomething

As we drove down the beautiful California Coast we saw some of the most amazing views and we have this soundtrack that reminds us of those moments of discovery.  

Finding new music reminds of of those moments when we would turn a corner on the freeway and were greeted by a pristine beach.  Or diving the mountainous road through Big Sur and seeing the amazing bridges connect cliffs.  

I love those moments of surprise and discovery.  And music is a great partner for that journey.  When I listen to Jamie Cullum’s CD now I go right back to that trip.  Thanks iTunes Radio.


Kathy and I watched the Jimmy Fallon sketch about Hashtags.  

Brilliant.  Hashtags on social media are getting #ridiculous.  Even more ridiculous is when people use # in #EveryDayLife.

But I started thinking about the purpose of hashtags.  They started to make it easy to find topics on social media and to see what topics were trending and what conversations were worth following. 

Think about your day.  What would be the hashtags for your conversations? #sarcasm, #snark, #arrogant, #selfcentered?

What about your thoughts?  What about your actions?  I think if I’m really honest with myself, I wouldn’t want to see my life in hashtags.  Because my natural inclination is pretty selfish. 

But what if we tried to change the conversation.  What if we lived our lives in such a way that people would see some different hashtags.  

What if we were marked by 






Wouldn’t it be amazing if instead of using hash tags to promote our own agenda, we could see the values of Jesus in our life?

What’s your #hashtag?


Agreeing with people you want to disagree with

This morning I was reading a book by someone I often disagree with. 

It’s easy to dismiss a lot of what this guy says. 

But as I was reading I found that he was saying so much that I agree with.  A few years ago this would have been really troubling.  I probably would have thought there was something wrong with me.  

I have come to realize that I don’t have to agree with someone 100% of the time to find something of value in what they say. 

I think one of the challenges in our culture is that it’s really easy to find the people you agree with 100% of the time, and never challenge yourself to learn something from people that you disagree with. 

Maybe instead of disregarding everything from a particular source, take a minute and listen to what they are actually saying and not what you think they are saying.

Do you have to agree all the time? No.  But there is also a possibility that you may be wrong.  There is also a possibility that these people are asking questions that you haven’t asked yet.  


We have been walking around the neighborhood in Salto. Every time we have passed by this car. we don’t know what it is or who made it. It kind of looks like a Volkswagen Thing but its not.

This morning we were doing a prayer walk and we passed this car again. I felt the Spirit say to me that this peculiar car is a metaphor for the church. We are called to be a peculiar people. We are called to be a little different, to stand out. In the States it’s really easy to just blend in but the church isn’t supposed to blend it. We are set apart. We are in the world but not of the world.

It’s a great metaphor for the church but an even better metaphor for the church and missions in Uruguay. The church has a very small footprint in this country. The government basically eliminated any church influence in the nation. For example people don’t have a common understanding of Christmas or Easter. They call those holidays Family Day and Tourism Day respectively.

Christians here in Uruguay are different by default here. In the States we have lost a lot of our particularity. How can we gain it back?