This morning I was reading in Matthew 6 and Jesus told the people to not worry. I lean towards worry as my default position and I call it thinks like, planning ahead, troubleshooting, but for me those are just other words for worry.

My New Years resolution last year was to worry less. I stayed up many night concerned that I wasn’t going to make it.

Whenever I read this passage I remember the reader board that changed the way I think about worry. This is a major confession for me as I think reader boards are usually ridiculous. But this reader board said, “Worry is wasted use of the imagination.”

What a simple yet profound truth. Because when we worry we are just imagining what might go wrong but we can’t actually change anything by our worry.

What if instead of worrying we took that time to pray or to celebrate what Jesus has already done? How would that change the way we look at the future? Instead of worrying about tomorrow would it help you celebrate today and the future?