Weekly Devotional Podcast as well as Book by Book video

Hey everyone, We posted another episode of our weekly podcast. We are reading the Bible Chronologically. This podcast is posted every Monday. You can listen here or subscribe in Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Also, I was finally able to upload last week’s Book by Book video. This is a much larger project walking through theContinue reading “Weekly Devotional Podcast as well as Book by Book video”

Chronological Bible Reading Podcast Week 24

This year Pastor Kate and I have been recording weekly podcasts to give an overview of the passages for our Bible reading plan. You can join in with the reading plan in the Creekside App. You can access this week’s installment here. You can keep up week to week in the Creekside App. Subscribe toContinue reading “Chronological Bible Reading Podcast Week 24”

Parks and Conversation S05.E14

My Friend Jeremy and I make this podcast. We enjoy talking about Parks and Recreation, and others stuff too. This week we ask a very important question: Where are the best donuts? Send us an email parksandconversation@gmail.com. This week’s episode is called “Leslie and Ben.” This is the wedding of the century planned and executedContinue reading “Parks and Conversation S05.E14”

Book by Book: Ruth 1-4

We started Book by Book again. In this week’s video we walked through the entire book of Ruth. Yes, the cover image says Judges. I made the decision to keep this book connected to the book of Judges because we are told in the beginning of the book that these events happened while the JudgesContinue reading “Book by Book: Ruth 1-4”