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I have to say, I love working at tNC/Creekside. We are going through the process of becoming a new church, essentially we are becoming a church plant. As such we are stripping our church and how we do things down to the bare minimum, trying to figure out what Jesus has called our church to be.

Today we had a conversation about the future of our church that I think could have the potential to breathe new life into us, and to re-energize a lot of people. It’s pretty exciting times at tNC/Creekside Church.

But honestly here is the best part about our church. We are working as a team like never before. The entire staff seems to be gellin’ or getting closer to gellin’ like a team should. During our management team meetings we are able to have real, honest conversations like what we had today, and no one left offended or angry or threatened. It was really cool to think that this team of people is getting along so well, and working to become what Jesus wants us to be. I can honestly say that I love being here.

We went through Death by Meeting as a team and it was one of those books that really helped us to see the value of honesty and conflict and saying what we really feel in meetings instead of just being yes-men and women. It’s been cool to mine conflict and to hear what people really think about what’s going on and different ideas. And nothing is personal, we are all looking to make our church stronger and better.

When I was at the Church that was on the North Shore of Lake Washington, this was not the case at all. It always felt like we were walking on eggshells, and couldn’t say what we really felt, and that even if everyone disagreed with the leader we were still going to do what he wanted to do. It was a leadership dead-zone. I wasn’t challenged and I wasn’t equipped.

Here at tNC/Creekside, I am becoming growing as a leader, I am growing as a Christian, my ideas are being challenged, I am getting challenges in my assignments, my ideas are appreciated, discussed and shot-down or pursued as necessary. It’s really great. So if any one from tNC/Creekside is reading this you should be comforted to know that your church is not a one man show, and that we are all striving to make tNC/Creekside stronger and better, and your leaders are trying to be a strong team.

Also cool news, our podcast is starting to pick up listeners even though we moved servers. This is great news because as we move forward we need to be able to communicate information for the whole church in as many ways as possible. So this is a great way to get information out. If you haven’t already subscribed to the Creekside Cast, click on the link and get hooked up. You don’t need an iPod, and iTunes is totally free to download so it’s the coolest thing ever.

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My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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