Happy Reformation Day

For some it’s happy Halloween, others it’s happy harvest day, and yet still others today is Reformation Day.  The day that Martin Luther put the worlds biggest sticky note, on which he wrote his 95 theses.  This act was the catalyst that led to what we call the protestant reformation. 

The reformation was the mother of all church splits, wars were fought people were killed nations were formed.  It’s a pretty big deal.  If you have never read anything about the reformation I would highly recommend that you google

Martin Luther

Martin Luther,


Jean Calvin,

WycliffeJohn Wycliffe, 

TyndaleWilliam Tyndale,

ZwingliUlrich Zwingli  

or just Protestant Reformation.

One of my favorite classes at NC (now NU) was Church History with Dr. Heugel.  Brilliant guy, brilliant class. 

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