The Gospel of Matthew

So we started a new study at Creekside.  We are looking at the Gospel of Matthew.  This was our first week in the series and you can download the message here.  You can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or your preferred RSS reader.  But if you are looking for a good podcast to listen to this year, and spend some time learning about Jesus, than this may be a great resource for you.

So the reason that I am writing about this is two fold:

1)  I am really excited for this study because I’m a total Bible Geek.  So I am way into this kind of study, and by the time we are done with this, I will have participated in a study of all four of the Gospels.  I went through John with my first youth ministry, I went through Mark with a small group on Sunday Mornings when I first came to Northgate, and I just finished a study of Luke.  And know we are doing Matthew.   So basically in the span of four years I have studied all four gospels, and that really gives a sense of accomplishment.  Not that I know everything about these books, or that I was incredibly scholarly in these studies, but I have studied none the less.

2) This study marks a transformation in our church, we are really getting back to the basics of our faith, and what the essential things are, and we are coming to the Bible to see what the Bible says.   I think the farther and farther we go into this post-Christian era people will come back to curiosity of what the Bible really says, and instead of doing self help sermons and motivational pep-talks, I really think people want to know what God has said and what he is saying.

That being said, Creekside will always be a practical church.  We are not going to be parsing the Greek week to week, we break the book down into manageable chunks, and we look at the Bible to learn how to live our lives, not how to sound smart with words like transubstantiation, and pre-millennial, and so on.  But this transformation is really great, and I love what God is doing.   Every time we open the scriptures we are anticipating to hear from Him.

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My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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