The shooting at VA Tech today is a tragic reminder of how broken our world really is.  There is so much pain, and so much anger, and so much sin.  This horrific event is heart breaking and it is bringing up feelings that I haven’t experienced since April 20, 1999 – the Columbine shooting.

All we can do in these situations is pray.  I can’t explain why these events happen but we need to go to the source of peace that passes all understanding.

  • Pray for the Family of the victims
  • Pray for the Family of the shooter
  • Pray for the School leaders
  • pray for the students at VA Tech
  • Pray for the hurting souls out there who have so much anger that this is all they know to do
  • Pray

One thought on “Tragic

  1. Please also pray for college students across the world. I know that at my school (UW) people are seriously scared to come to class.

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