Jesus Centered Youth Ministry — Review

What is the Goal of your youth ministry?  Really, what is your goal?  When I first started working in ministry, my goal was growing my ministry.  There is nothing wrong with growing a ministry, but the question is what basis are you growing on?

That’s kind of what Jesus Centered Youth Ministry is trying to establish.  Starting with the Spurgeon idea that every sermon and every scripture needs to be brought back to Jesus.  Are you growing your ministry on hype, or on Jesus?  I’ve grown on hype and it burned, but trying to focus on Jesus again has brought a different kind of fruit and hopefully fruit that will last.

I think a completely objective review of this book would be impossible for me.  The message of this book is so close to what I want to establish in our ministry that I can’t find any areas where I would disagree with Rick Lawrence.

I would recommend all student ministry leaders should read this book.  Perhaps even Senior pastors should get their hands on this one, since all these principles apply to the ministry of the whole church.  This is a great resource to go back to for various aspects of ministry.

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