Just The Right Timing

Life is a serious of transitions.  Some transitions are really tough, some are really easy.  Some transitions seemed forced upon us, and others we long for.  

During the time of transition we can sometimes experience some kind of emotional trauma.  For example, we just this last week transitioned Judah to a toddler bed.  We were expecting this to be a really hard transition as many of our friends with young families have had difficulty doing this transition.  Many kids seem to reject the freedom of the “big-boy bed” for the security of the crib, or even mom and dad’s bed.  

Judah however surprised Kathy and I.  He love’s his bed.  He has no problem going to sleep in his bed all on his own.  Kathy and I are not perfect parents, we really didn’t even have a plan for this transition, we just did it.  And we were blown away by what happened.  And we thank Jesus for how easy it was.

So why was this transition so seemingly smooth?  I would posit (fancy word, huh?) that Judah was ready for this change and we just made it happen at just the right time and everything lined up well for Judah.  Now Judah didn’t tell us he was ready, because he can’t.  We weren’t really trying to get his opinion on this idea.  But he was ready.  We were ready.  And it worked out well.

What transitions are you facing in your life?  Family?  Ministry?  Are you trying to force it?  Are you fearing it?  Is it the wrong transition?  Transition is necessary because it’s a part of life, but the timing is really the most crucial part of the whole thing.  And I think the people who we see experiencing success after success, have seen the transition coming, were ready for them, and just at the right time pulled the trigger.  

But that’s just what we see. The truth is that before and between these successful transitions there are a few that fail, there are a few that are forced and there are few that are forgotten.  

Successful transitions require just the right timing.  Just a thought.

Published by jasondeuman

My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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