Calibrate NW session 4 – Alan Hirsch

Look for an Alan Hirsch Calibrate Video

How do we retain a movement that resonates with who Jesus is?

Renewal – recover the apostolic movements

ReJesus: we have to rediscover the role of Jesus and the phenomenon of Jesus.
Christology lies at the heart of the renewal of the church.
When we veer we have lost sight of Jesus
We must radicalize in order to missionalize

Christology > Missiology > Ecclesiology

The subversion of Christianity – that is a book title that I need to look up

Christianity (minus) Christ = religion

ReDisciple: becoming a little Jesus
Embodiment and transmission
Spiritual authority is bound up in this as well
It is our capacity to live our messages
Movements grow based on the ability to grow disciples
Leadership is an extension of discipleship
Consumerism is killing us (from within)


(missile and mission come from then same word.  You want to send missiles not receive them)

Missional God
Incarnational God -Jesus was born as a baby instead of sending cosmic lazier beams.
Missional Church means we are going out into the world. We are sent out!
Incarnational church means going deep

What we need are mission ally responsive, culturally adaptive, organizationally agile, multiplication movements
Don’t plant a church plant a movement.

– mobilize the whole people of God
Every believer is a church planter every church is a potential church planting movement.

Movements are reproducible and reproducing.

Movements are structurally networked

Movements imply missional leadership & ministry modes. Eph. 4

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