Dear Writers of The Office

Dear Writers of The Office,

First of all, I love The Office.  I do however feel like it is reaching the time when we have to say good bye.  I know that as long as this program lives it will be making NBC and all involved a lot of money.  That fact does not justify leading the show into it’s twilight years and sucking every last bit of life out of it.  I suggest that we make this year the last year of the beloved program.  Let’s begin to set in motion a plan for how The Office should pass into syndication eternity with dignity.

Having said all of that may I propose a tidy little way to wrap things up?  I’m going to do so anyway.  The premise of my suggestion is nothing new, but there are new layers to the whole thing.

First, the whole thing was a dream.  Here’s where things get interesting.  The whole thing is Creed’s Dream.  But not Creed as we know him today.  A younger Creed, played by Ryan (B.J. Novak).  This could be revealed when he wakes up and the person trying to wake him up keeps calling him Creed.  This makes the entire narrative of The Office a kind of warning for Ryan as he may turn into (old) Creed someday.

Second, the person trying to wake him up is James Spader, who is his father in the waking world.  That could explain why he appears so late in the dream.

Third, Ryan (Creed) is waking up on his first day of business school.

Fourth, Ryan’s first business school professor is none other than Michael Scott played by Steve Carrell.

Tight shot on Ryans bewildered face. Then Credits.

You’re welcome NBC.

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