Creekside Chronological Bible Podcast Week 27

This week’s episode is available now. You can listen here or subscribe in Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 07/04/22 — 2 Kings 9-1107/05/22 — 2 Kings12-13, 2 Chronicles 2407/06/22 — 2 Kings 14, 2 Chronicles 2507/07/22 — Jonah 1-507/08/22 — 2 Kings 15, 2 Chronicles 2607/09/22 — Isaiah 1-407/10/22 — Isaiah 5-8

Weekly Devotional Podcast as well as Book by Book video

Hey everyone, We posted another episode of our weekly podcast. We are reading the Bible Chronologically. This podcast is posted every Monday. You can listen here or subscribe in Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Also, I was finally able to upload last week’s Book by Book video. This is a much larger project walking through theContinue reading “Weekly Devotional Podcast as well as Book by Book video”

Chronological Bible Reading Podcast Week 24

This year Pastor Kate and I have been recording weekly podcasts to give an overview of the passages for our Bible reading plan. You can join in with the reading plan in the Creekside App. You can access this week’s installment here. You can keep up week to week in the Creekside App. Subscribe toContinue reading “Chronological Bible Reading Podcast Week 24”

500 Greatest Albums – 500: Arcade Fire – “Funeral”

Tyler Huckabee at Relevant Magazine started sharing his thoughts on the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums. I saw this, and because I love a project I decided to jump in at #500 and work my way forward. I know that music is completely subjective, and there are going to be some albums that I love,Continue reading “500 Greatest Albums – 500: Arcade Fire – “Funeral””