Obvious to you. Amazing to others

First saw this video @loswhit’s blog here: http://www.ragamuffinsoul.com/2011/06/obvious/ I thought I would share it to I love to play with ideas, and I am also my worst critic on my ideas. There are a lot of things in my brain that I just dismiss as simple or boring or obvious. What about you? What ideasContinue reading “Obvious to you. Amazing to others”

Calibrate NW session 2 w/ Carlos Whitaker

Twitter.com/loswhit hey people follow him.  One Sunday in a Gym, next Sunday in a $53 million dollar facility.           That would be jarring If why is our last question for what the church is up to, that messes things up. If why is first that changes the game entirely Called to disturbContinue reading “Calibrate NW session 2 w/ Carlos Whitaker”