It’s been a bit


Well it sure seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything of substance here. I have been super busy at Cutter & Buck, and I have been on vacation so I really didn’t want to write while I was hanging out with Kathy and Judah, so I have just been chillin’

What’s been happening in my life? Well Judah’s been sick for what seems like forever, and it sucks because he doesn’t sleep super well when he’s sick and we have to use this little bulb thing to get all the crud out of his nose so he can sleep. He hates the bulb, it makes him cry as soon as he sees it. He has associated the changing table with the bulb as weel so whenever we lay him down he instantly cries. Good times. I think my gray hair patch is spreading because of this alone.

I ate lots and lots of food on thanks giving and then the proceeding days I ate a lot too. So that was fun. I really love thanksgiving.

A little tradition that my family has started is renting this cabin over in ocean shores for the weekend after thanksgiving and so we headed over there on Friday morning, and had a really great time with my parents and siblings and their significant others. We spent a lot of time playing Ligretto which we think is German for the most aggrivating, addicting, and fun game ever. I don’t think I ever one but I sure did have a good time.

When we drove home it was snowing. That was odd. And it made the drive home quite intersting. Lynnwood got dumped on, so it’s been pretty amazing here. Woke up monday moring to clear roads, went in to Cutter & Buck early because I was going to go to the Monday Night Football game with my dad.

As soon as we got to the stadium it started snowing, which always makes football more fun. I never ever thought I would see a snow game at Qwest Field, but man it dumped last night.


Shaun Alexander was back in form last night 40 Carries 201 yards.

Alexander Rushing

Brett Favre had a great game until the 4th Quarter

Favre & Matt

Matt was back and after a few struggles had a great game

Matt H

Jeremy Stevens finally caught one that matteredstevens' spike

It wasn’t looking pretty at first but it was an exciting game and the Hawks Won so it made standing in the snow for a couple hours worth every minute. And I got to hang out with the old man so that was a fun time.

Last night after the game I had to take Dad to his house, but 405 froze so we got off in kirkland and spent 1 hour going 2miles. My sister was stuck in the traffic from 5pm to 1 am. Kathy was driving to work but she couldn’t get the focus through the mess that is 405 so she met her dad and gave Judah to her parents for the night. Traffic was so bad that I had sleep at my parents house, so that was a huge fiasco with all of us spread out over the east and north sides of the lake.

Today the roads were pretty icy so staff meeting was canceled and I called in ill to Cutter & Buck. What a day.

That should about catch you up with all that’s beengoing on in the life of the Deuman family. I hope you had a great long weekend and if you are inside right now from the cold then I hope you are staying warm.

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My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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