9 Years at Creekside

Wow.  9 years is a long time.  It is 27% of my life so far.  It’s amazing to think about the journey that God has led Creekside and my family on.  When I started at Creekside as the youth pastor I really had no idea that my role would grow and change as much as it has.

Some highlights over the last 9 years.

1) moving into Mountlake Terrace

2) Watching Jordan teach himself drums using Rock Band

3) Watching Community Groups grow and become an integral part of our culture.

4) Leading different teams to Cofradia, Mexico and Roatan, Honduras and seeing how lives are impacted by love and generosity. And watching how serving changes the lives of those who serve.

5) Preaching. It’s an honor every time I get to share what God is teaching me through his word.  And I love helping people get to know Jesus better.

6) Most important, watching my kids come to love Jesus more and more.  It is an incredible blessing to see the impact that our kids leaders have first hand.  I do what I can to help Joss and Judah know Jesus more and more but it is nice to know that I am not alone in the process.

It’s been an amazing 9 years so far and to celebrate I am going to take a bunch of people on a mission trip to Roatan.

Whirlwind weekend

I’ve been crazy busy this weekend. But busy in a good way.

On Friday I met my niece, Violet.  She’s adorable.  We had dinner with my Brother and sister-in-law.

On Saturday I had an early breakfast with the head’s of NU’s MATC (Ron Herms) and MAML (Alan Ehler) programs, and the Provost (Jim Heugel), and my fellow College of Ministry grads.  It was a fun breakfast, and I got a very nice frame as a gift from the College of Ministry.

Then I went and graduated.  That was great.  My family was there, I could see Kathy and the kids.  It was pretty fun.  I was hooded.

Provost Jim Heugel, myself and Prof. Wally Kowalski (I gotta get some regalia like his)

It’s a pretty amazing age that we live in, as I was sitting waiting to get my hood and diploma (cover) I was able to get on facebook and see all the congrats from friends who were there and those who weren’t .  I do think it’s pretty cool how technology has enabled us to celebrate with and congratulate others immediately.

Then we went to lunch with my family and the in-laws which was really fun.

On Sunday, It was mother’s day!  My wife is awesome.  Best mom ever!

I was also preaching at All Saints on Queen Anne.  That was my fourth and final time preaching while Bill Berger has been on sabbatical.   My hope was to encourage All Saints to be sources of Joy for Bill and his family and to keep up with Bill as he runs after the vision that God has placed on his heart.

After church we had Lunch with Kathy’s family for Mother’s Day, and then last night we had Dinner with My Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother in Law.

It’s been busy around here.  Next week I’m teaching a break-out session at a Men’s Conference and preaching at Creekside.  And all this week I’m going to be focusing on writing my Thesis.  last week I wrote a 20 page rough draft for a chapter.  These week I’m hoping to do 10-15 pages of a rough draft on another chapter.  So I’ve got that going on this week.  Prayers are greatly appreciated.

My Best Friend

Tonight (Saturday Jan. 1, 2011) my parents were kind enough to watch our kids for the evening.  I know I’ve said it before, but Kathy and I are truly blessed to have so much family living so close.  So Kathy and I are home, just watching TV and chatting.

I love my wife.  She is a blessing to my life, a great mother, and full of wisdom.  I know that I married way out of my league.   Kathy is amazing!

Kathy I love you so much!

First Snow of 2010

I love snowy days.

Don’t tell my wife this but I actually don’t mind Michael Buble’ Christmas Album on snowy days.

Anyway, this is the first snow day of 2010 and we got some sledding in.  The kids are finally old enough to both enjoy sledding.  I’ve been mowing our side yard (which is basically all hill) for years in the hopes that some day my kids would be able to sled on it.  And it’s finally paid off.

Family Friday – Growing Up

My son is growing up so fast.  And sometimes that’s completely terrifying.

For instance, the booster seat.

Judah is now big enough to ride in a booster seat if he needs to.  So in the van, he is in his big car seat (the thing looks like a throne).  In my car he is in a booster seat that is only held in by the seat belt.

The other day we were driving home from the Library and saw a construction site.  I’m pretty sure heaven for Judah will be an eternal construction site, at least that’s his idea of heaven.  From my seat I hear him talking about the construction site and then without warning I feel him breathing on my neck!  He had unbuckled his seatbelt and stood up in the back seat area of my car.  I completely freaked out.  When did he learn how to disconnect the Seat BELT!  AHH!!!

He’s growing up and it’s awesome and it’s scary!

Two Years Old

I know this post is late, but it’s still important to me to get out there.

Two years ago on 9/11/08 my beautiful daughter was born.  Joss was 3 weeks early, and born, like judah in an emergency C-Section.  Kathy and I stayed the night in the hospital for Kathy’s high blood pressure and headaches.  I was sent home the next morning to get stuff for kathy and we were going to go home on 9/11.  Instead while I was out the Dr. decided that the baby needed out.  As with Judah I was away from the hospital and afraid that I would miss the birth of mu children.  I made it back just in time for both Judah and Joss.

Kathy and I were talking about how sad it was that Joss was born on 9/11.  A day that will forever be marked with tragedy.  I have other friends who were also born on 9/11.  It’s defintely marred their sense of celebration for their Birthday.  But I think the fact that Joss was born on 9/11 is a beautiful reminder that even in tragedy, life can still happen.

9/11/01 is truly a horrific day and I remember exactly where I was when I learned of what was going on.  I remember the feelings of anger and fear that I felt.  And I felt those same feelings when we were getting set for the emergency C-section.  Angry that I could lose my wife and my baby, afraid for the worst.  But God and the Doctors brought Kathy and Joss through the crisis.

Now when I celebrate Joss’ birth, I am reminded of the tragedy of 9/11/01 and encouraged by the beautiful life that God brought into my world on 9/11/08.

I love you so much Jocelyn Bella (Joyous Beauty).  Your smile warms my heart and removes my fear.  I want to protect you and help you grow up into an amazing, godly woman.  You are a true gift and your mother and I are amazed by you.

This is Joss and I in Disney World.  My dad is behind us and I think he was confused about something.