YLS 07 — Session 5 – Nate Ruch


Pay Attention

God speaks to us, so that we can become his mouth piece. — that is what truly pentecostal people are. They walk out of a service and live lives where God gives them on time information for wherever they are and whoever they are with.

If we are going to become his voice we have to go against our human nature. It’s not about us.

Overcoming our ego-centricness is the first step to becoming like Jesus.

Numbers 6:24-26

Turn Your Face — Look directly at them

Shine — To look with Joy

  • Praying Specific Prayres
  • Seeing Individuals in groups
  • God sees them and he uses us to speak his word to them.

We need to listen to know where students are at before we speak.

Sit and listen and let the student ask where they should go. To Pay attention is to join them where they are and show them the way to where they need to go.

We need to shut down the distractions and let them know that we have no where else we would rather be.

Proverbs — Know the Condition of your flock. You can’t just see the flock you have to ensure that each one is is ok and cared for.

1 Samuel 16.1–14 – We are called to be Samuel to students. We are called to speak life to students and be a place where they can be safe and secure.

Acts 2:17-18 — Pentecost is supposed to unlease people

to Prophesy: Speak God inspired Words

God has designed us to be his voice to the world around us.

Our mission is to unleash God’s vision in students lives. God help me to speak God inspired words.

It’s not the pastor who is the only person who is to speak into the lives on young people. God has designed us to walk along students as we are.

Pray for God to give a word to the people around us.

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