I Agree with Tim

At the Life In Student ministry blog, Tim posted his reasoning for keeping High School and Jr. High combined.

I agree with his assessment.  I grew up in a ministry that had a combined big group mid week and then more age specific sunday school.  The big gathering on wednesday nights were some of my favorite times as a Jr. Higher because I saw people older than me actively engaging their faith, and maybe our group was unique (i hope not) but I always felt that the older kids were very inclusive with the younger ones.

What do you think?


I know senior pastors can go through some pretty depressing thoughts on Sunday afternoon, and monday.  Re-hashing what they said, what they could have said, what the church needs to do better or differently, feeling like a failure.

Well youth pastors can go through that too.  I’ve been feeling it lately.  I know that the size of our ministries weekly attendance is small, and I have a certain amount of internal and external pressure to see it grow.  And that sucks.  I try to play it cool, like it doesn’t affect me, but it does.  The frustration grows and the ministry doesn’t.

This morning I started my work week by sending in last nights youth group numbers.  And I commented for the first time on my frustration.  I never do that.  I usually just email in the numbers and move on.   I didn’t know why I did that.  I cleaned out my inbox, and then went to my google reader account to read some of my blog mentors.  I find this is a good way for me to start the day.  Email, check the blogs, and then focus on my projects the rest of the day.  That’s just my process.

The 2nd blog I read was from

The size of your ministry does not determine the level of your success.

Today and This Week

Today I have the privilege of preaching in our morning services.  I’ve got a double header this week and next week.  Talking about Genesis 41, Joseph and Pharaoh.  I’ll post video later.  

Then right after church we are taking the youth group to OCEAN SHORES!!! Woot!  We are getting away for a few days.  Instead of camp with the network this we opted to do our thing.  which will be fun. I hope to see relationships strengthened this week between some of our older and younger students.  So that’s what I’ll be up to.

Youth Leaders Meeting = Awesomeness

I know what you are thinking, how could any meeting = awesomeness.  Well I will tell you.  First of all the acutal meeting was brief.  Which is key to awesome meetings.  Second, we allowed for people to hangout and have fun together.

I’m going to be really honest right now, I have not felt that way after a youth leaders meeting in a long time.  The last time I felt like this was when I was interning with Jay Smith and Cedar Park.  Our youth leaders meeting were often the most fun part of being in youth ministry, because we all loved being together.

I hope that our meetings can continue to have that vibe where we want to get the meeting out of the way so relationships can be built.  I think it’s important that the team that you work with likes each other.

I was super encouraged by this meeting because if our team continues to build relationships and love for each other, then we will be more willing to charge hell with a water pistol together, because we’ll do it together.