Camp Reflections

I love summer camp!  It’s always such a refreshing time to get away and connect with Jesus and students.  I hate to be selfish but I really like to go to camp because I know that I can encounter Jesus personally there.  And I hope students do as well.  But I really felt like Jesus was among us and he was talking to my heart all week.  It was wonderful.  I will be posting pictures soon on the >>beyondsite>>.

I was greatly encouraged by saturday night as we gathered together as a group and shared what God was talking to us about, and prayed and encouraged each other.  Three camps ago we had a larger group but not nearly as much depth.  I think we were still in the get to know the youth pastor stage.  And that’s totally normal.  This year however there was great discussion about Jesus working through us, being humble and letting go of pride and distrust.  It was incredible.  Jesus is moving.  And I know that I personally need to stay connected to Jesus.

I really felt like Jesus was saying to me over and over again that he wants me to be a good Christian before anything else.  And as I stay connected to Jesus he will continue to build the church.  He will build the church.  People will follow me as I follow after Jesus.

My prayer leaving camp is that we can continue this positive momentum.  That we can all stay connected to Jesus and that we can pass on our faith to those who weren’t there at camp.  That we can lead them closer to Jesus.

So those are some camp reflections.  I had to get them written down so I wouldn’t forget.  There was a lot that God was doing so if  I’ve missed something then i will continue to reflect.  But I would love to have your prayers for our students and our ministry and for me as a leader and a christian.

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My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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