Somedays it’s harder than others to really focus.  This is one of those days.  I need to be working on my Sermon for this coming Sunday morning but I’m having a hard time wanting to work on it.

I have a pretty good handle on the whole deal, but it’s very much the outline form, and I don’t like using just the outline form.  I like to manuscript what I want to say so that I can at least have a good foundation.  I never say everything that I have on my manuscript but if I’m desperate I know that I can get back on and have a good guideline to work work with.

Last Sunday Don preached with no PowerPoint and no blanks to fill in.  That was cool.  And there was good feedback on the change.  I like that because it gives a little more freedom to what you want to get across.  I think I will try that not this week but the next time I preach on Sunday morning.

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3 thoughts on “Focus

  1. sometimes when there are not outline notes to fill in i get more out of the message. don’t get me wrong, sometimes they are helpful. i feel like though there are times i scramble to fill in all the blanks that i miss the message a little, or that the outline dictates to me what i’m supposed to get out of the message. each person is at a different spot spiritually and takes away from the message the things most applicable to their lives, no notes to fill in the blanks allows them a little more freely i think to focus on the meaning behind the words.

  2. i love mad libs. especially when you play with someone who doesn’t know what an adjective is so when you ask for one they say something like “cow.”

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