Sunday’s Message Had Legos

This past Sunday I had the privilege of speaking at Creekside Church.  We are working through a series called “Can You Trust the Bible.”  On Sunday I talked about how to read the Bible as a narrative.  Too often I think people approach the Bible with the wrong motives or assumptions about the text.  My understanding ofContinue reading “Sunday’s Message Had Legos”

Soundtrack for Sermon Prep

Today has been all about sermon prep. I’m privileged to get to teach for the month of august, but it definitely puts a different kind of strain on my week. I like to listen to music while I write. I need to be just distracted enough to focus on anything. So I like put musicContinue reading “Soundtrack for Sermon Prep”

Sunday and the Rapture

It seems like I have been handed some of the more challenging passages of Scripture over the past four years.  I love being a part of the teaching team at Creekside Church, but so far I have talked about Circumcision, Talking Donkeys, and the like.  Last sunday was no different.  I spoke on 1 ThessaloniansContinue reading “Sunday and the Rapture”

Some Blog Thoughts

Los is back with a great post here. of particular note is #4. I wonder if modern day Christian leaders are more concerned about becoming famous than becoming Jesus? And here’s a quote from Will Wilimon “The gospel is not simply about meeting people’s needs. The gospel is also a critique of our needs, anContinue reading “Some Blog Thoughts”

Great Presenters

Great post from Seth Godin on what makes a great presenter. Bottom line if you don’t love your audience, you’ll never be great.  When it comes to preaching, if you don’t love the people you are speaking with then they won’t care. Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll, Rob Bell, Erwin McManus, Rick Warren . . .Continue reading “Great Presenters”

Preaching on Sunday 12-28-08

Lately I have been privileged to speak on the last Sunday of the year.  I like to take this particular Sunday and try to talk about the mission of God, the church.  This year the title is The Year Of Living Missionally, not a great title but it works. I want to help Creekside becomeContinue reading “Preaching on Sunday 12-28-08”