The Way I See It #267

A lot of the starbucks cups have been lame lately but when there is one that I like I feel compelled to share it.  Today i received one such cup

“Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears – it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear.  But for many of my neurological patients, music is even more – it can provide access, even when no medication can, to movement, to speech, to life.  For them, music is not a luxury, but a necessity.”

-Oliver Sacks, Neurologist, Author.

Published by jasondeuman

My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

2 thoughts on “The Way I See It #267

  1. i love this qoute too. I work at starbucks and when i got off work, i looked at my cup and saw this qoute. Im quoting this in my paper for my music class lol.

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