Thoughts on Self-Preservation from Rev. Furtick

Hey I just read this post from Steven Furtick.  Interesting thoughts and I think it’s a good reminder that Jesus actually called us to die to ourselves.  hmm.

The limitation of self-preservation

A focus on self-preservation
is the greatest limitation
on the momentum of a movement.

Holly and I were watching an episode of 24 a few months ago, and I realized what makes terrorists so powerful and so dangerous.
They have absolutely no regard for self-preservation.
Their only obsession is the cause.
And they are committed to the cause regardless of the personal cost.

Thus, this possibility haunts and inspires me:
How powerful-
Even dangerous
would the Church be if our only obsession was the cause of Christ?
If concern for self-preservation gave way to radical commitment to the Gospel?
We might just make a splash in our cities for the glory of God through aggressive love and generosity.
The momentum of the movement would reach a tipping point, and the effects would be undeniable.

Obligatory Disclaimer:
(I’m not advocating Christian terrorism.  I’m advocating radical love for people, and contrasting that to the radical hatred of terrorists.  You might think a disclaimer like this would be unnecessary, but you’d be surprised.)

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