Ben Stein, Bill Maher, Mike Huckabee, Darwinism

Various folks have directed me to two videos.  The first features Bill Maher talking to Mike Huckabee about Creation vs. Evolution.  I saw Maher talking about the republican field on Conan and many of the same sentiments are in this video. The other video that I found incredibly fascinating is an extended trailer for a documentary from Ben Stein (“Bueller, Bueller, Anyone).  The Documentary is called expelled and it looks at how scientist are basically blacklisted for doubting darwinism. This documentary looks interesting.  the trailer is below.All of this is very interesting.  And I wonder what will come of this documentary. <p>There are two points that I find incredibly interesting in Ben Stein’s Documentary.</P>1) Belief in darwinism may be dangerous. It’s the superior race thinking that led to the holocaust, to genocide in Africa, to racism in general. Ben Stein seems to want to put words to it though. The reverse argument of course from a darwinian point of view is that the Bible is filled with all sorts of dangerous ideas and violence. And that is something as believers we need to be aware of.2) Proponents of darwinism are afraid when people question their beliefs. The responses from people like Richard Dawkins are so angry towards people of faith that I believe they are response to fear. Could the rise of Neo-Atheism be a reaction from fear? I wonder.</P

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2 thoughts on “Ben Stein, Bill Maher, Mike Huckabee, Darwinism

  1. “incredibly fascinating”

    It would be more fascinating if it really was true. It would be less fascinating if he told both sides of the stories.

    “Belief in darwinism may be dangerous.”

    Well, you have a few thousand scientists to lock up and the members of the NAS and IOM.

    “Proponents of darwinism are afraid when people question their beliefs.”

    As sillysillysilly would say – this is really really silly silly silly.

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