Thoughts on Prometheus

I saw Prometheus on Tuesday.  The motivation for the protagonist in the film is to discover where humanity came from.  This search leads them to an earthlike planet, where things then go horribly, horribly wrong.  The acting was fine, the special effects were amazing, the premise was interesting.  Prometheus is one more story that triesContinue reading “Thoughts on Prometheus”

Ben Stein, Bill Maher, Mike Huckabee, Darwinism

Various folks have directed me to two videos.  The first features Bill Maher talking to Mike Huckabee about Creation vs. Evolution.  I saw Maher talking about the republican field on Conan and many of the same sentiments are in this video. The other video that I found incredibly fascinating is an extended trailer for a documentaryContinue reading “Ben Stein, Bill Maher, Mike Huckabee, Darwinism”