Jim and Casper Go To Church – Review

Jim and Casper Go To Church is written by Jim Henderson of Off-The-Map and Matt Casper, an Atheist.  Jim is the dude who bought a soul on eBay and sent that atheist soul to Church, for their honest responses to the church.

This is a follow-up project, where Jim and Casper actually went to 12 churches together and reviewed each church.   Some of the churches made both Jim and Casper angry, and the question that keeps coming up throughout the book is, “Is This what Jesus called you guys to do?”

When they encountered the churches with light shows, and fog machines, Casper thought the production was cool, but he did feel the connection between faith and flashy lights.  On the other hand when they encountered churches that were more involved in the community, and actually changing lives through service and engagement.  Those churches seemed to get rave reviews.

This book is definitely worth the read.  It’s a short quick book, written as a conversation.  I said in a previous post that every church leader should read this book, and I still feel that way, especially the church leaders who lead these churches.

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