Sunday and the Rapture

It seems like I have been handed some of the more challenging passages of Scripture over the past four years.  I love being a part of the teaching team at Creekside Church, but so far I have talked about Circumcision, Talking Donkeys, and the like.  Last sunday was no different.  I spoke on 1 ThessaloniansContinue reading “Sunday and the Rapture”

Great Worship Music

One of my current projects that I’ve been working on is updating our website.  So part of what I’ve been doing is looking at some of the top church websites, features, content, and all that.  And I was clicking around at, which is one of the multi-site churches in the puget sound area.  TheyContinue reading “Great Worship Music”

Jim and Casper Go To Church – Review

Jim and Casper Go To Church is written by Jim Henderson of Off-The-Map and Matt Casper, an Atheist.  Jim is the dude who bought a soul on eBay and sent that atheist soul to Church, for their honest responses to the church. This is a follow-up project, where Jim and Casper actually went to 12Continue reading “Jim and Casper Go To Church – Review”

Rob Bell Article

Interesting Article from Time Magazine on Rob Bell and Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, MI. I really enjoy listening to Rob Bell speak and I have read both of his books.  I think he truly is speaking the language of my generation.  Many have questioned his theology on some points but generally those folks are not nice soContinue reading “Rob Bell Article”