Perfectionism Quote from The Jesus Way

Read this passage this morning from The Jesus Way and had to share it.

The Way of David it the way of imperfection.  The story David lived and the psalms he prayed provide us with an imagination that is capable of understanding the operations of God to do his perfect work in us, not our capacities to perfect ourselves.  The stories tell us that nothing abou us, whether good or bad, is without significance; the prayers tell us that everything within us, whether good or bad, has to do whit God.  The stories and prayers together free us from a role and performance mentality, free us from the perfectionist expectations of others and perfectionist ambitions we set for ourselves.  If we believingly take in what is given to us in the stories and prayers of David, we are inoculated against the soul-debilitating germ of perfectionism.

Perfectionist talk and perfectionist illusions are generated by that fast-talking master of illusion, the “angel of light’ St. Paul warns us about (2 Cor 11.14).

To live in grace knowing that God loves and utilizes our lives even though we are imperfect is amazing.  When we look at David he’s the hero of much of the Bible and he was a jacked up imperfect person, but he knew that forgiveness and grace could be found in the love and mercy of YAHWEH.  And in Jesus we have that love and mercy extended to us.  How Amazing!

Of particular impact when I was reading this was the freedom from “role and performance mentality”.  As a pastor I try so hard to build something that is “successful”  but Jesus loves me no matter what.  If I try something that fail, he still loves me.  It’s his church, it’s his student ministry, it’s his.  He has entrusted me to do my best and point people to him, and that’s what I’m doing.

Jesus called me to teach people about Him and His incredible grace.  So that’s what I’m going to be about.  As long as I am sticking to his call on my life, then that is success.  What mission has Jesus given you?  Are you stickin’ to it?  Or are you trying to do the role and performance thing?  That’s really dissapointing in the long run.  Trust me.

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