Simplicity is Worth It.

Read this post at 37signals. About Alaska Airlines and their improved check-in flow.  This process has the potential to save millions and millions of dollars for the airline and for SEA-TAC.

I flew down to California at the end of May and it was the first time that I had seen their new and improved check-in system.  And I must say, it was awesome.  It made the whole process easier and smoother.

Simplicity is the best solution.  That’s why I love Apple products.  Everything has always been so simple and easy to use right out of the box.  It took longer to get the product to the market, but it’s a more reliable and fun to use product.  Simplicity Rocks.

it’s probably a lot harder to figure out in your context what you need to simplify but in the long run it’s so much better.

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My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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