Simplicity is Worth It.

Read this post at 37signals. About Alaska Airlines and their improved check-in flow.  This process has the potential to save millions and millions of dollars for the airline and for SEA-TAC. I flew down to California at the end of May and it was the first time that I had seen their new and improvedContinue reading “Simplicity is Worth It.”

What Churches Can Learn From Apple pt. 4

People will pay the Cost if they find it valuable. One of my favorite books is Deitrich Bonhoffer’s, “The Cost of Discipleship.”  In that book Bonhoffer says that grace if free but it should never be cheap.  It’s the most valuable thing that we could ever have. Now my comparison to Apple is no whereContinue reading “What Churches Can Learn From Apple pt. 4”

What Churches Can Learn from Apple pt. 3

Conversion is a Journey When I switched over to my first mac it wasn’t a quick decision. I didn’t just wake up one day and say, I’m going to learn a whole new operating system and just fly blind into something I don’t even understand. I didn’t need to switch. But Apple wooed me byContinue reading “What Churches Can Learn from Apple pt. 3”

What Churches can learn from Apple pt. 2

Be Risky Currently Apple is taking an incredible risk.  the iPhone.  They first risked big by being themselves and operating their own OS.  they know they aren’t going to appeal to everyone, but they also know that they people who OSx will always love OSx. Then they took a big risk when they jumped intoContinue reading “What Churches can learn from Apple pt. 2”

What Church can Learn from Apple pt.1

So I love my Mac.  I have been touting it’s incredible features, ease of use, and reliability for over a year now.  There are so many things that I love about the software, the user interface, the actual store, the employees, the design and more. The church can learn a lot about how to winContinue reading “What Church can Learn from Apple pt.1”