Vintage Jesus – Review

Mark Driscoll is one of the most influential pastors in the Seattle area, and arguably the country.  As he says he puts the fun in fundamentalism.  I’ve been listening to his sermons for years and I have read his blog and his books as they are available.  I have posted about some of my disagreements with Driscoll, but by and large I appreciate what Mars Hill has accomplished in our city and the focus that they have brought to church planting.

Mark’s latest book Vintage Jesus is a fresh, witty, and at times combative Christology.  Driscoll and Breshears have taken the Study of Jesus and made it fresh and accessible to a whole new generation.  That is the great thing about this book.

However I did feel a little cheated because I listened to this sermon series when it was first preached, and I hoped the book would be a little more, but it wasn’t.  So if reading isn’t your cup of tea you can catch the content here.

Either way this book is good to have in your library.  I believe it will prove to be a valuable resource in my ministry, and I will probably turn to it many times when I need a scripture reference on Prophecy of Jesus, or what Jesus accomplished on the Cross.

You can buy Vintage Jesus at amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any christian retailer.

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