Giving and Receiving / Closed Hand or Open Hand?

I had a conversation the other day that troubled me.  It forced me to check my priorities.  It comes down to giving and receiving. I have to thank Mark Driscoll for giving me this image of Closed and Open Handed In life we can be a closed handed or open handed. I think the tendencyContinue reading “Giving and Receiving / Closed Hand or Open Hand?”

Sunday and the Rapture

It seems like I have been handed some of the more challenging passages of Scripture over the past four years.  I love being a part of the teaching team at Creekside Church, but so far I have talked about Circumcision, Talking Donkeys, and the like.  Last sunday was no different.  I spoke on 1 ThessaloniansContinue reading “Sunday and the Rapture”

Good Words Mark

In God We Do Not Trust – This was a thought provoking article from Mark Driscoll “The bottom line is obvious to those with gospel eyes. People are longing for Jesus, and tragically left voting for mere presidential candidates. For those whose candidate wins today there will be some months of groundless euphoric faith inContinue reading “Good Words Mark”

Vintage Jesus – Review

Mark Driscoll is one of the most influential pastors in the Seattle area, and arguably the country.  As he says he puts the fun in fundamentalism.  I’ve been listening to his sermons for years and I have read his blog and his books as they are available.  I have posted about some of my disagreementsContinue reading “Vintage Jesus – Review”

The God Who Smokes – Review

The God Who Smokes is a refreshing look at theology through Timothy Stoner’s personal experiences.  All of theology should apply to life and when you read The God Who Smokes I believe you will see all the various ways that God is talking to and revealing himself to you. TGWS is a middle road betweenContinue reading “The God Who Smokes – Review”

Dude, It’s a Metaphor!

So I was listening to Mark Driscoll talking about the Trinity today, and he was talking about the Shack. which our church has recommended people read. I don’t usually post my disagreements with other church leaders on here, but I just had to. And normally I think Driscoll is encouraging and challenging in a goodContinue reading “Dude, It’s a Metaphor!”