Question this week – Grudges

Our Churches use of, has been growing in success.  Pretty cool.

This week we have this great question

“what do you do in a situation where you know someone holds a grudge against you that is unfounded?”

I’m going to put some thought behind this one and I’ll post my response later this week.  Stay Tuned.

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3 thoughts on “Question this week – Grudges

  1. PollEverywhere is an amazing tool. Our students have been having so much fun with it since I introduced it a month ago. We did one on who they would have voted for in the election, and we also let them text in their fav superhero from their childhood. One question though, how do you handle those that don’t have a cell phone? I thought about letting them vote online. A lot of them just share with their friends, but some are out of luck. Any ideas?


  2. That’s going to be a struggle anytime you try to employ some cutting edge technology. I think the borrowing is a great way to work around that. But if it’s a poll you are asking throughout the week, you could also create a poll section on your website.

  3. Hi Jeff – You can do online voting on PollEverywhere’s site, embed a voting widget on your site, or – if you have all the students together when they vote, and that area has WiFi – you can consider buying a few iPod Touches (pricey, I know) to use as loaner devices. Then they can vote by going to on the iPod Touch. We saw someone else do this, so just an idea 🙂

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