Some Days Are Better Than Others

Yesterday was a hard day.  For the past several months we have been working a transition plan with beyond student ministries as I am moving into the associate pastor role at Creekside.  Unfortunately due to some bad decisions on the side of our interns we have asked them to step down and take some time to work on the deeper issues behind their actions.  The guys have complied with this, and last night we announced these changes at our youth gathering.

Those kinds of announcements always suck. Things went better than I thought, and my hope is that Creekside Church and the students at Creekside will support Matt and David.  Our church is full of broken people and we are all working our way closer to Jesus.

This is what I’ve learned in ministry and working with people in general, some days are better than others.  Often we get to determine how we perceive our day, no matter what Crap might be thrown at us, we can trust that there is some good in there.

Today is a good day.

And it’s also the last day in my office for like 2 weeks.  Which is pretty cool in it’s own way, I’ll be in class and then in Michigan.

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My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

One thought on “Some Days Are Better Than Others

  1. How cool man, congrats!!! Sorry it was a rough day, but it’s cool that you’re transitioning to this new area of your life. Make sure and still hang out with us youth pastors when you’re a big time associate!


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