Question From Jonah Sermon

I received this question from Sunday’s teaching

“Where do they think the fish deposited Jonah? Ninevah looks like a landlocked city.”

maybe the best depiction of Jonah being vomited ever
maybe the best depiction of Jonah being vomited ever

It would make sense that since Jonah was sailing on the Mediterranean Sea that he would be deposited on the that coast line.  Nineveh was land locked, so where ever he was deposited he would have most likely have to was to Nineveh.

The Bible doesn’t specify where he was vomited back up so any one who claims to have an answer is speculating.  So allow me to offer a speculation of my own.  When I think about this story I am reminded that God is a God of second chances.  I wonder if the LORD had Jonah vomited up near Joppa, the port from which he sailed in the first place.  God would be presenting Jonah with the exact same choice he had made three days ago, and this time the question is will he truly obey.

Even when repent from our sins we are still tempted and we will face the same options to disobey.  Jonah’s decision to obey is even more powerful when he’s presented with the option to disobey.

Like I said that’s pure speculation on my part, it’s not biblical theology, it’s just how I think about the story.

Thanks for the question.  See you on Sunday.

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