Better Together

Last night Creekside Church and the Rock Church celebrated our pending adoption.  God has laid on our hearts the desire to see our mission of helping people discover, trust and love Jesus Christ grow.  We want to see many people in many communities find the grace, love, joy, peace and community that the Gospel provides.Continue reading “Better Together”

Honduras (better late than never)

On Saturday 3-12-11 at 6:00 am Creekside’s Honduras Home Build Team departed from Seattle, WA. We were traveling to The Island of Roatan, Honduras. A long exhausting Day of travel to be sure. When we landed we were met by Tom Hackett, director of Alternative Missions and Dwellings. This was our second home build withContinue reading “Honduras (better late than never)”

Easter & Partnering with the City

This year, rather than doing our own thing we have decided to partner with the City of Mountlake Terrace  and the business community with their annual Easter Egg Hunt. We donated candy and eggs. Now we are looking for a few folks who would be willing to serve along side the city this Saturday morning.Continue reading “Easter & Partnering with the City”

Question From Jonah Sermon

I received this question from Sunday’s teaching “Where do they think the fish deposited Jonah? Ninevah looks like a landlocked city.” It would make sense that since Jonah was sailing on the Mediterranean Sea that he would be deposited on the that coast line.  Nineveh was land locked, so where ever he was deposited heContinue reading “Question From Jonah Sermon”

He Did it! we did it – Reflections on Easter Sunday

Our first Sunday morning gathering at our church’s new campus is behind us.  The exictement of the new campus, Easter Sunday, and neighborhood buzz led to a pretty exciting morning.  I am so blessed to work with the great volunteers that I do.  Every week I am amazed by these teams, and I’m truly humbledContinue reading “He Did it! we did it – Reflections on Easter Sunday”

what’s in my brain

vision day was great, and the video and audio are up at i’m really proud of our guest services team as they made this thing happen yesterday.  Go TEAM! Team work makes the dream work, (that’s for you matt hodson) our ministry passports turned out really great – Kate Thaete is a ninja youthContinue reading “what’s in my brain”

The Church Is Mission

On December 28th, I will have the priveledge of preaching at Creekside.  I’ve been tending to preach this last weekend of the year for the past couple of years, so I try to look forward to the next year.  Last Year, I talked about how the Church is a community that is called to Exile. Continue reading “The Church Is Mission”