Two Years Old

I know this post is late, but it’s still important to me to get out there.

Two years ago on 9/11/08 my beautiful daughter was born.  Joss was 3 weeks early, and born, like judah in an emergency C-Section.  Kathy and I stayed the night in the hospital for Kathy’s high blood pressure and headaches.  I was sent home the next morning to get stuff for kathy and we were going to go home on 9/11.  Instead while I was out the Dr. decided that the baby needed out.  As with Judah I was away from the hospital and afraid that I would miss the birth of mu children.  I made it back just in time for both Judah and Joss.

Kathy and I were talking about how sad it was that Joss was born on 9/11.  A day that will forever be marked with tragedy.  I have other friends who were also born on 9/11.  It’s defintely marred their sense of celebration for their Birthday.  But I think the fact that Joss was born on 9/11 is a beautiful reminder that even in tragedy, life can still happen.

9/11/01 is truly a horrific day and I remember exactly where I was when I learned of what was going on.  I remember the feelings of anger and fear that I felt.  And I felt those same feelings when we were getting set for the emergency C-section.  Angry that I could lose my wife and my baby, afraid for the worst.  But God and the Doctors brought Kathy and Joss through the crisis.

Now when I celebrate Joss’ birth, I am reminded of the tragedy of 9/11/01 and encouraged by the beautiful life that God brought into my world on 9/11/08.

I love you so much Jocelyn Bella (Joyous Beauty).  Your smile warms my heart and removes my fear.  I want to protect you and help you grow up into an amazing, godly woman.  You are a true gift and your mother and I are amazed by you.

This is Joss and I in Disney World.  My dad is behind us and I think he was confused about something.

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My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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