Whirlwind weekend

I’ve been crazy busy this weekend. But busy in a good way.

On Friday I met my niece, Violet.  She’s adorable.  We had dinner with my Brother and sister-in-law.

On Saturday I had an early breakfast with the head’s of NU’s MATC (Ron Herms) and MAML (Alan Ehler) programs, and the Provost (Jim Heugel), and my fellow College of Ministry grads.  It was a fun breakfast, and I got a very nice frame as a gift from the College of Ministry.

Then I went and graduated.  That was great.  My family was there, I could see Kathy and the kids.  It was pretty fun.  I was hooded.

Provost Jim Heugel, myself and Prof. Wally Kowalski (I gotta get some regalia like his)

It’s a pretty amazing age that we live in, as I was sitting waiting to get my hood and diploma (cover) I was able to get on facebook and see all the congrats from friends who were there and those who weren’t .  I do think it’s pretty cool how technology has enabled us to celebrate with and congratulate others immediately.

Then we went to lunch with my family and the in-laws which was really fun.

On Sunday, It was mother’s day!  My wife is awesome.  Best mom ever!

I was also preaching at All Saints on Queen Anne.  That was my fourth and final time preaching while Bill Berger has been on sabbatical.   My hope was to encourage All Saints to be sources of Joy for Bill and his family and to keep up with Bill as he runs after the vision that God has placed on his heart.

After church we had Lunch with Kathy’s family for Mother’s Day, and then last night we had Dinner with My Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother in Law.

It’s been busy around here.  Next week I’m teaching a break-out session at a Men’s Conference and preaching at Creekside.  And all this week I’m going to be focusing on writing my Thesis.  last week I wrote a 20 page rough draft for a chapter.  These week I’m hoping to do 10-15 pages of a rough draft on another chapter.  So I’ve got that going on this week.  Prayers are greatly appreciated.

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My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

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