Spinning Wheels

I hate when I feel like I am wasting my time.  I work and work and work on something (in this case an assignment for school) and half way through I realize that this assignment is busy work.  But if I don’t do it I won’t pass the class, and if I don’t pass the class then I’m a doofus, so to create the illusion of progress I press the accelerator but there is not traction between my tires and the ground and I just spin my wheels.

I don’t mind throwing hours behind something that I know will get me somewhere.  I don’t mind hard work.  But I hate it when I don’t feel like there is any progress.  Frustrating.  This is the only time in my entire masters program that I have felt this level of frustration with an assignment.  I feel like I’ve benefited from every single reading assignment and project up to this one.

So I’m going to turn this assignment in . . . frustrated with it.

So yeah . . . just venting.  And since this is my blog I’ll write whatever I want!

Boom Roasted!

Published by jasondeuman

My Name is Jason, I live in Lynnwood, I'm married to Kathy we have son named Judah and a daughter name Jocelyn. Life is good.

2 thoughts on “Spinning Wheels

  1. Question?! I recently had an exercise where I was to read the same thing over every day for a month. It wasn’t a small writing either. Why should I do that? I’ve read it already a couple of times. Why do I need to keep at it. It wasn’t until the end of the month when I began asking different questions and only until then did I realize what I needed to get out of it.
    I know you were just venting…I know its YOUR blog…You do say we can do with it what we want. so…
    What is it you are to get out of this exercise?

    1. Jerry – thanks for the perspective. Here is my frustration, I feel like this assignment is not helping me for this class. But I’m just whining and complaining, which is lame of me, I know.

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